About our TCG Singles

About our TCG Singles

What are our classifications of conditioning?

  • Near Mint
  • Lightly Played
  • Moderately Played
  • Heavily Played
  • Damaged

How do we determine conditioning of our cards?
The singles that we have listed have all been examined personally by us. We use neutral backgrounds and clean surfaces to remove as many bias's as possible when determining the condition. To further ensure confidence, we use magnification tools to check for small scratches or edge wear.

Can I be confident in Black Star Games' conditioning process?
As collectors, we want to make sure that we completely scrutinize the quality of each and every card we list. If something is listed as "Near Mint", we want to guarantee that what you receive is truly what we classify as "Near Mint." That being said, we are human and we make mistakes. If you feel that you have received something that is not the condition listed, please reach out and we will do our best to reconcile the situation.

How are our singles are stored?
Our singles are stored in all brand new materials. Cards are first placed in a fresh penny sleeve, then placed inside a high quality, rigid top loader, and sealed in a team bag before stored away in a temperature-controlled environment away from UV damage.

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