Our Weiss Schwarz Philosophy

We ONLY sell boxes or trial decks from UNmapped/UNsearched cases

Black Star Games firmly believes in integrity when running our business. With the way Weiss Schwarz booster boxes and trial decks are packaged, it is possible to open product until pulling the guaranteed hit. This means that once the guaranteed hit is found there is no longer incentive to continue opening. This enables other retailers to potentially engage in morally dubious practices such as selling the rest of the contents of cases once the guaranteed hit has been found. Unlike other retailers, we refuse to engage in this behavior and strongly believe that our customers deserve the fair chance of opening a hit no matter how many booster boxes or trial decks they purchase from us. We want to keep the spirit of opening a booster pack alive.

Why trust us?

While we're new to the Weiss community, we actively participate in other communities. To risk our reputation and be known in other communities as another shop that lies to their customers, would completely destroy the trust that we have worked so hard to build with all of you. We cannot promise that you will get a hit every time you purchase from us, but we can promise you that the spirit of pack opening and TCGs will still be alive when you choose us.