Changes to the Pokemon TCG with Scarlet & Violet

Changes to the Pokemon TCG with Scarlet & Violet

Welcome to a new era of Pokemon!

Generation 9 is almost here and with it are some exciting changes to the Pokemon TCG. One of the biggest changes has to do with booster pack configuration and card rarities.

Booster Pack Configuration

Instead of the rarest cards being in the middle of the booster pack when you open it, the rarest cards will now be in the back. No more pack tricks anymore. (Yay? Nay?) Not only that, there will now be EVEN MORE rare cards in your packs. 

A booster pack will contain 12 cards

  • 4 Common cards
  • 3 Uncommon cards
  • 2 Reverse holo cards
  • 1 Holo card
  • 1 Basic energy
  • 1 Code card

Compared to the original configuration, you get 1 more reverse holo in your pack. This can make creating a master set much easier!

Just like in previous sets, your typical Trainer Gallery subsets and Secret Rares can potentially be in the 2nd reverse holo slot and the Holo slot respectively. This will make pulls feel a lot more exciting.

New Card Rarities

English and Japanese sets are becoming more closely related and this is even more obvious with how they are consolidating rarity classifications between the two languages. The table below summarizes the changes

 New Rarity Symbol Old Rarity
Common --
Uncommon --
Rare --
Double Rare Ultra Rare
Illustration Rare Trainer Gallery
Special Illustration Rare ★★ Secret Rare/ex Alt Art/Supporter Alt Art
Ultra Rare ★★ Full Art
Hyper Rare ★★★ Gold Rare


Hopefully with these changes, it makes it a lot more clear how much rarer your pulls are and makes things so much more exciting.

I'm definitely looking forward to this next generation of Pokemon. I hope you are too! Don't forget to drop by our website to pre-order the newest set Pre-order Here

- J.R.

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